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Yoga is great!

For you, me, for us. 

Yes! Regardless of your flexibility, body type, age or gender, practicing yoga, may help you alleviate the effects of stress and prolonged sitting, strengthen the body, and learn how to use the power of breath.

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Why yoga?

Just start practicing and soon you will find out there are countless benefits of yoga. To name a few: improved respiration, energy and vitality; maintaining a balanced metabolism; cardio and circulatory health; weight reduction; immunity boosting and maintaining a balanced metabolism; increased muscle strength and tone; increased flexibility; posture correction; bone health and spine improvement.  In short, better overall health and life quality. 

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Why is @yogazamene Good For You?

We are Streaming our Classes Live

bringing the class to you, straight to your place, a living room, terrace, outdoors, anywhere you want. We use two-way video, so you are always seen, supported by your teacher.

During the class you are getting instructions as well as corrections if needed.  

There's Free Online Class waiting for You

Why? Because it's the great opportunity to check out if @yogazamene is really what your searching for. How this yoga style, the structure of the class, the flow, everything as a package, work for you. 

Permanent Membership Discount

We believe yoga should be available for everyone who wants to make it a part of her/his life.

Therefore we have set up a permanent membership discount for students, unemployed and pensioners.

Options to Include Yoga into your Life

You are with us for the first time? Ok, try your Free Online Class, it's one-off single class option. There is also monthly Membership, for regular students, or 10-class option if you are planing to join us every now-and-then.

Maybe you want to Drop-in anytime you want?

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A Word from Our Trainees

"I was not sure about Zoom yoga class. But now I am so thankful. In these time of uncertainty, I am happy to be able to practice yoga among friends. When I close my eyes in Savasana at the end of the class, I forget that I am at home alone and feel a sence of connection that is hard to come by these corona-days."


- Sanja, L. 

"A complete game-changer for at home yoga. A class from where-ever-I-am, with a teacher who sees me."

- Mirko, K. 

"Zanimala me joga za početnike. Otišao sam na ogledni trening. Upoznao grupu, učiteljicu, odvježbao i nastavio dolaziti. Zadovoljan sam. Bolje se osjećam. 

- Zlatko, T. 

“I was attending studio yoga classes for a few years before corona lock-down, and at first I was ignoring the Zoom-yogazamene-invites. I really thought it's not my thing. Now, flash forward a month, I am in. I find that this kind of practicing has also so many pros.”


- Ivan, Z. 

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Winter Holidays 2020 Give a gift of yoga
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GIFT CARD Yoga za mene yogazamene

Give yourself a gift of Yoga! Think about it, in these times ... Why not!? 

I’m talking about a gift that makes you feel blissful inside yourself, a gift that uplifts your spirit, that makes you more enlightened, more positive and more conscious than you have ever felt before.

Give someone a gift of Yoga!

It's a great way to show someone your love and appreciation by giving them the gift of yoga! 

The serenity, balance, strength, and flexibility, everything we need more than ever.

Go to Yogazamene Online Store and find the perfect one!

Give a gift of Yoga

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