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Show up for Yourself!

"There will be moments in life when showing up for yourself will mean leaving behind the people who don't."

— Alex Elle

Photo Credit: @inesstipetic

Showing up for yourself is all about making YOUR own needs a PRIORITY, knowing that unless you show up for yourself, you can’t fully show up for anyone or anything else.

We spend so much of our time on ‘automatic pilot’, don’t you agree? How do YOU show up for yourself? I would like to hear your comment.

While doing routine, while overworking, or doing things for others, we often forget ourselves.

Showing up for yourself means taking a BREAK to be mindful and present, to CARE for your own health, or to nurture your own creativity and energy.

Showing up for yourself will differ based on your personal GOALS and needs, here are some ideas how:

💟 Carve out some time for yourself every day. Few minutes will do. Find out what makes you smile, what makes your brain and body happy, maybe it’s a cup of your favorite tea, meditation, reading nice affirmation quotes, a yoga flow, a walk, a self-face massage.

💟 Write in a gratitude journal, just 2 or 3 things you are grateful for this very moment ... You can make this part of your morning or nightly routine, or simply use it as a guide to check in with yourself once a week.

💟 Create a personal mantra, and repeat it to yourself when you need a boost. My mantra today is: I am brave, I am creative. I am FREE!

💟 Notice negative self-talk, and make it constructive. When you notice your own judgments bringing you down, take 3 deep and slow Inbreath-Outbreats and make an effort to say something kind, supportive, or encouraging to yourself like: I am enough and I’m loved!

💟 Acknowledge where you are. Anyone who wants to start showing up for themselves but doesn’t know how, can actually start right NOW by giving themselves full permission to be exactly where they ARE.

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