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My Story

My name is Ksenija, I am a yoga teacher and also an architect and a scientist. I am currently teaching yoga both online and in @yogazamene studio, sharing my practice and love for yoga with my student.

As it goes both ways, I gratefully receive back good vibes and wonderful emotions.

My relationship with yoga started 20 years ago, after I experienced a sharp pain in my lower back, twice! Both times I almost could't get out of my bed. Both times my osteopath helped me, but he also said: This is not a solution! You have to do something about it. Like strengthen my core muscles and become aware that my body needs care and attention.

He actually suggested gym but my intuition said: Yoga. And here I am, teaching yoga back from 2007.

Yogazamene Founder

Ph.D. Ksenija J. Stahan

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Below you can choose how you would like to incorporate yoga to your everyday life and how yoga can be used as a tool to help you stay healthy, focused, more efficient.

Also, how you can increase your flexibility and strength, improve you vitality, maintain your good digestion and balance your metabolism.

Aside from all above mentioned, yoga can help a person to manage stress which can reveal itself in many ways, including neck and/or back pain, sleeping problems, headaches, inability to concentrate and many more.


In short: yoga can help you to live a happier life,

so stay healthy and happy!


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Child's Pose

Group Yoga Classes

Studio or Online

Group Yoga Classes are a great way to share and explore the  mind-body awareness and breath work while building upon the collective energy in the studio.

While practicing yoga in a group you feel support and extra motivation.

Group Yoga Classes provide the perfect opportunity to work together towards a common goal.

Yoga Workshops

Free and Paid for

Whether you are complete yoga beginner or an experienced practitioner, there is always room for improvement.

So stay in touch and register on time for our next Yoga Workshops.

Would you be interested in one or more of the following Yoga Workshop Themes?

- Yoga for Complete Beginner, - Sun Salutation, - Yoga and Back Pain, - Yoga to Destress and Unwind, - Foundation of Yoga for Spinal Health, - Spring Renewal Yoga.

Corporate / Workplace Yoga Classes

It's grate to be able to take a break, destress and reconnect in your otherwise stressful day.

Importance of employee health level and wellness is unquestionable nowadays.  A healthy workplace directly translates to increased productivity.


Yoga in the Workplace is an essential addition to a company's employee-wellness program.

There are many benefits like: Increased Energy and Productivity, Reduced Stress, Improved Posture, Increased Focus and Creativity, Decreased Irritability and Aggression. 

Have questions?

Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or check out our FAQ’s Section Here.

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